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Open Source Projects


As I want to improve my website creating skills, I wanted to make a site that allows people to view their current playing song in Spotify and displays it's lyrics from Genius, the lyric's website.


Artifact Match History

I created a match history viewer for Artifact in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) since the game didn't have one at the time. I originally created one in WPF since I wasn't experienced in websites, however, I then went on to research and find out about setting one up.

Download: Releases
WPF Repository: GitHub
Website Repository: GitHub

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Witcher Response Bot

This project was created in response to the Gwent standalone game's release. The Gwent subreddit at the time didn't have a bot that could automatically reply to user's comments if they quote a voice line from the game. This bot idea comes as inspiration from /r/DotA2 responses bot, as that is a valuable asset to the community, I wanted to do the same.

Repository: Github


Lumière was created as part of my entry for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam in August 2017. The theme of this game jam was "Running out of power". The whole game was created by myself in 48 hours over one weekend. The idea of the game was to create an endless runner that used power to run, however the player gained power when killing enemies, which also increased their score.

Repository: Github

Closed Source Projects

Avengers Endings

I had the idea to create a website connected to a database that allows users to create, store and share their own created ending to Avengers: Endgame


Spotify 4 Unity

This is a Unity asset that I created when I realised there is next to no connectivity between Unity and Spotify. I'm a big fan of Spotify and love to use the service so I worked on creating an easy way for people to use the open source SpotifyAPI inside the game engine, along with working UI prefabs and tools.

Asset Store: Download

Weave: The Game

This is the first mobile game I created. It's a simple concept with a ball and obstacles that requires the player to try to get as much score as possible, using upgrades and abilities to beat other players in the world. The game has it's own leaderboard which tracks any high scores.

Download: Play Store

DotA Clicker VR

This was my very first attempt at creating a VR game, and one of my first games inside Unity. It is currently unreleased and is not being worked on.
I wanted to create a game in VR that was a unique game idea with a twist, so I combined clicker games with my favorite game, DotA 2. I added achievements, statistic tracking, buying new clickers (heroes), buying items, all in VR using models and textures from the game.

Preview: YouTube