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Hi! My name is Josh and I love coding, music and video games. I've been programming since I started learning in 2015 and have always had a massive interest in playing and creating video games. I'm a big fan of open source coding and making the things I create available to people for free.

I love open source coding and creating tools and things for free. If you appreciate what I do, I'd love it if you woulod buy me a coffee (or two! 😊)

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If you wish to get in touch with me about my projects, my work or anything else, use the form below.
However, if you have a question or require anything informal like help, drop me a message on Twitter as I can reply a lot quicker!


Genify is my effort to join the lyrics stored on Genius, with the music on Spotify. I love music a lot and really want Spotify to support having lyrics inside their app. But after so long, I gave up hope and created my own way to view them.


Repository: Github

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Artifact Match History

Artifact Match History is a small project I created in December 2018 to January 2019 as a tool for the Valve's new DotA 2 card game, Artifact. I originally mcreated it as a WPF application but later converted the functionality into a website.


Repository: Github

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Spotify 4 Unity

Spotify 4 Unity is an asset for Unity which helps to integrate the open source 'SpotifyAPI' into Unity with easy UI prefabs and utility classes to help. The package has been on the store since October 2018 and is currently being worked on and updated.
The code is closed source unless your purchase the asset. There is also a public repository on Github which is used for issue tracking and for the public wiki. Click here to check out the repo

Download: Unity Asset Store

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Weave: The Game

Weave is my first attempt to create my own mobile game. It's a simple game concept about gaining the most score and trying to beat everybody else on the leaderboard.

Play Store: Weave: The Game

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Lumière - Ludum Dare 39

Lumière is my first attempt at creating a game created by myself in August 2017. I created it for Ludum Dare 39 which had the theme of "Running out of power".


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